The subject of the webinar is
Egg donation, egg cells cryopreservation and treatment options at IVMED Fertility Centre

The webinar will take place
May 4, 2020 from 16:00 to 17:00 Kiev time
The webinar will address issues such as:
You are interested in egg donation?

You want to try IVF with donor eggs but still have a lot of questions?

You want to know more about infertility treatment options?
Specialists of the IVMed Clinic are here for you!
During the webinar you will be in touch with reproductologist, embryologist, geneticist and other infertility treatment specialists at the IVMed Clinic. You are welcome to ask the specialists your questions
At the free webinars you will learn:
What problems may cause issues with conception?
What leads to impaired reproductive function in women and men?
How to prepare for pregnancy during quarantine?
How to prepare for IVF? Recommendations for man and woman.
Why we recommend you to take part in the webinar
You will be introduced to our expert doctors with a wide practical experience and high qualification
You communicate with experts at a webinar at a predetermined time without leaving your home
You will instantly receive answers to your most important questions online
You save your money - taking part in the webinar is completely free
You will learn more about your reproductive health, why you can't get pregnant
You will understand what the problem is and decide how to proceed with treatment in order to become a mother and a father
The webinar consists of two parts
First part
In the first part of the webinar, the expert gives a small lecture, demonstrates visual material (slides, presentations)
The second part
Во второй части вебинара эксперты отвечают на вопросы участников, которые они задают в реальном времени
Free webinars are held:
Once a week
The webinar is held 1 (once) once a week and lasts 2 hours
Date and time
Participants are informed about the date and time of the webinar in advance
Link to the webinar
A link to the webinar is sent to the email of the registered participant in advance (1 hour before the webinar)
Where are the webinars held?
At your home
On your computer
Time left before the start of the free webinar
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Registration for the webinar
Start of the webinar - April 17, 2020, 16:00 Kiev time
Webinar experts
Each week, a 1-hour meeting is held with experts in the field of reproductive medicine: with reproductologists, gynecologists, urologists, embryologists, geneticists at the IVMed clinic
Free online broadcast
Start of the webinar - May 04, 2020,
16:00 Kiev time
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